PVC Roofing in Los Angeles

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Your roof is the backbone of your building. Without your roof, the building and everything in it would be destroyed. US Roofing Pros know how important the roof is to you, how it protects your valuables, your contents and your family as well as add to your comfort. Being an esteemed roofing company in Los Angeles, we continue to deliver the best services and products. We understand that your roof needs to protect you when severe weather threatens your valuables.

US Roofing Pros knows that when it comes to PVC roofing in Los Angeles that quality, commitment and delivery are of utmost importance. Whether it is in Los Angeles, in the surrounding area, in your city or in your neighborhood, we deliver high quality PVC roofing systems. We research and become educated as well are experience in the latest PVC roof systems for both residential and commercial buildings. Our roofing technicians can ensure top-notch quality, durability and unequaled waterproofing qualities because of our training, research, experience and dedication. If you have a low pitch or a flat roof, a PVC roof is possibly the perfect choice. This type of roof allows you to enjoy innovative looks as well as freedom of form that complements modern structures. PVC membranes also work well for rooftop decks and other facilities.

Benefits of Using PVC Roofing Systems

Today’s modern buildings and architecture call for more flat and low sloped roofs. These new type of roofs have problems that are associated with it. Controlling and managing the water on a flat roof is of major importance. PVC roofing in LA employs advanced technology that allows for the management of this water without becoming a problem. PVC roofing systems have improved over the years to the point that they are almost worry free.

PVC roofing membrane benefits:

• Durability and Longevity

How would you like to be assured of a “beyond the normal” longevity and durability from your PVC roof in LA?  Our major concern is in providing you exactly that.  Be aware of also that one of the major qualities of a PVC roofing system is that the seeming method “heat-welded” makes it appear to be seamless.  It will be extremely tough and resistant to all types of weather conditions. In addition PVC roofs are combustion resistant and very difficult to ignite. Their long service life allows you a confidence never experienced before with any roof. Providing you with superior products along with efficient, quality installation is something we pride ourselves in. Because of those things, we can provide you with an almost unheard-of 20 year flat roof warranty.

• Outstanding Leakage Protection

If you can imagine water lying around on your roof for some time without leaking, then you have an idea of the kinds of security that a PVC roof in LA will give you. The resulting confidence you will have in the protection of your furniture, flooring, walls and ceiling is something most people only dream of. PVC roofing systems offer a watertight roofing system that provides long-lasting, durable, waterproofing security for your building, whether it be commercial, industrial or for your home.

Even if your roof is constantly exposed to constant dampness, alkaline conditions, fungi, bacteria or the harsh weather conditions of Los Angeles, you can be assured that your PVC roof will keep you protected.

• Low Maintenance

Maintenance? What’s that? That’s what you’ll be saying about your PVC roof. Typical maintenance consists cleaning the dirt and debris and maybe picking up a limb or two or sweeping some leaves off of your roof. There is no need for continual upkeep. Once in a while you should look at your roof to see if there’s any problem, but other than that rest assured that you will not be bombarded with maintenance. And if you need maintenance US Roofing Pros will be there to help you. If, over the years, some problem does develop a PVC roof is easy to repair because of heat-welding technology. This technology will result in a new the seamless roof, as strong as the original, when the patch/repair is complete. The flexibility of this roof will continue throughout its lifespan.

• Low Utility Costs/Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is something you can look forward to with a PVC roofing membrane. PVC roofing systems are made of a highly reflective surface which doesn’t allow the UV rays from the sun to penetrate into the building causing an increased load on your cooling system. This is known as a “cool roof”. You will appreciate the lower electric bills and a resultant “green affect” on the environment.

• Easier installation

It doesn’t matter what kind of flat roof you have now, a new PVC roofing membrane can be installed over the previous roof without having to remove the old roof. The technology of a PVC roofing membrane makes it lightweight allowing it to be installed over your old roof without having to increase the structural strength of your roofing system. Not having to remove your old roof saves you money and makes installation much easier.

All these benefits that PVC roofing in Los Angeles offers make it an easy choice to take advantage of. Any questions, concerns or inquiries should be directed to US Roofing Pros at 310-906-9991. We look forward to talking with you and helping solve your roof problems.

US Roofing Pros is a leader in flat roof roofing in LA. We never cease providing you with the latest technology in flat roofing. We continue to be educated, informed and trained in the latest techniques involving flat roofing. We are licensed, insured and experienced in both PVC and TPO flat roofing systems. We will continue to be known in the industry as providing outstanding service, excellent quality, friendly communication and finally a true concern for your best interests. You won’t be sorry you called.

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